Hello. Hope everyone has had a good week. I have managed to finish up a couple of quilts and excitingly will try to sell them. I thought I should also catch up on my self imposed 2013 quilt challenge. Seeing as it is October already, seriously where has this year gone.

I have thoroughly enjoyed making different quilts and sharing them on this blog, instagram and pinterest.  Even more than that I have enjoyed seeing the same patterns made up by others. It is amazing how fabric and quilting design can make a quilt look completely different. 

I thought I check in on my 12 quilts in 12 months challenge

January : Groove - completed finished and framed and on the wall in my family room - It is 10 months too late but I will do a post on this soon with lots of pictures. I had fun with lots of different FMQ patterns
February : Scrappy Trip Around the World - Top done!
March : Swoon - completed and on my guest bed
April : Dancing Stars - completed and gifted to my mum and currently living on her wall
May: St Louis 16 patch - completed and snuggled under on cold nights
June : Retro Rubies - err, umm IN PROGRESS
July : Scrap Vomit top done, second scrap vomit half done! I love LOVE this pattern
August : City Blocks - completed and gifted
September : On a Whim - completed - pictures in this post 
October : Granny Squares - completed - sneak peak in this post with more to come soon. 
November : don't know yet!
December : 'Midnight at the Oasis' by Jen Kingwell. This one is going to be a challenge to complete on time but it will be a great one to finish the year on. It has hand stitching! 

September's Quilt

September's quilt was 'On a Whim' by Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms. I didn't use Camille's measurements. I wanted to cut the pattern using my Go! Baby by AccuQuilt so my blocks were 12" instead of 15". I love how easy it was. This is such a pretty pattern. I would love to see it in reproduction fabrics as I think it would look great. I chose some on my Denyse Schmidt prints and Kona White which I bought by the bolt of from Green Tangerine Quilts.

Right from the start I thought I would quilt this using a grid of wavy lines like the border fabric. Well. I started it and didn't like it. Good lesson in being ready to change your mind. After ripping it out. I decided to stipple!!! I used lots of exclamations marks because I don't stipple. Can't stipple. It is funny, I can do feathers and all sorts of free motion designs but have never managed to stipple which for many is the first FMQ design they do. It just doesn't look right when I try it. This time, it worked and I liked it. It gives a softer texture than some other designs. Actually the quilt is rather snuggly. 
The secret I discovered after 4 years of trying was to work out my scale and stick to it. I tried to keep the pattern just over 1/2" apart. I think it was a Leah Day video in which she said to use a guide to keep the scale even. I used my thumb, which very conveniently happened to be nearby. My problem with stippling though has been direction, or rather lack of it.  I'd meander off in a direction and get lost. When I returned to fill in an area the stippling just looked wrong and not at all attractive.  

This time I never stitched more than my thumb distance from another line of stitching. This meant I didn't get lost. Kind of like keeping your right hand on a wall when you are in a maze. Because I kept a constant distance from previous lines of stitching I didn't end up with awkward moments. I also tried to picture ginger bread men and fat alien fingers when quilting. Hmmm. Not sure that makes sense. Sorry.

October's Quilt - Granny Squares

Using the same fabrics as my 'On a Whim' quilt and my Go! Baby again to quickly cut the squares - I finally made my 'Granny Squares' quilt. This pattern has been on my challenge list since the beginning. I am not sure who originally came up with the pattern, or at least who started the on-line popularity of it. It is really quite a simple block and I have seen antique variations of it. I love how some blocks are timeless.  My blocks are 12" with 2 1/2" sashing. 

I have doubled up this post showing two quilts because I am.......(drum roll) putting these up for sale in Etsy store. It has been ages since I have tried to sell something. I really need to sell something to try and recoup some of the money this hobby drains. I keep telling my sweet, lovely, wonderful and generous husband that I can run a business doing something I love. So far, funds have only be going out! I am not expecting to make a fortune but I would like to fund my next project at the very least. So it you know anyone who'd like a lovely little quilt (or 2) please forward on my details. More details on my shop page. 
I am linking up to Gemma at Pretty Bobbins like last week.  I was going to write about threads as suggested but had to finish these up first. Sorry Gemma. I will write something for next week.

Take care and do a little of what you love each day



25/10/2013 9:38am

WOW, they are wonderful! Congratulations on these two beauties!
I have also just added my quilts to etsy in an effort to keep my hobby affordable ! ;-) I wish you lots of luck with selling yours.

26/10/2013 2:11am

Thanks Esther

I'll have to check out your quilts. I have tried to sell in the past with little joy! It is such a lovely hobby, pity it is so expensive.

25/10/2013 12:28pm

Gorgeous quilts Jo! Are you seriously going to try to get your MATO done by December? Crazy! But good luck, I'm loving where it's going.

26/10/2013 2:17am

Thanks Jess

I am trying to get MATO done, though as it has taken me 1 week to stitch 4 orange peels! December might be a bit ambitious, I have been thinking about a smaller project for my challenge.

26/10/2013 9:37am

Your quilts and quilting look beautiful! That granny square quilt is my favorite though :-)

26/10/2013 6:58pm

Thanks for looking and your kind comments. I love the granny square too. I think I might make another bigger quilt but with smaller squares.

29/10/2013 11:52pm

Great quilts Jo and congrats on starting to sell your quilts! I love your description of stippling :) and yes, I agree, be prepared to change your mind :) thanks for linking up xx

15/05/2015 8:41am

Simple things made by yourself brings twice pleasure than ou buy it at the shops.

02/08/2015 8:52am

These quilts are beautiful. I particularly like the granny squares - combing crochet and quilting seems like a good idea to me!


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