The topic for this weeks blog past is another little project. It is not a cushion this time but a little table topper. I have written in the past about how much I love my Go! Baby die cutter by AccuQuilt. So when I got some new dies this week I just had to make something. You know how it is, sometimes you just need to start something new, regardless of how many other projects you already have on the go or how much housework needs doing. 

I did this all by machine, hence it was quick and easy. I also got to try out some new thread. 100% cotton mako by Aurifil. I am in love! It is so smooth and has a beautiful sheen. I used it for both the piecing and quilting. It was a dream.  

I also tried a new method for finishing it. Rather than bind around so many corners I decided to stitch the backing face down on the top, stitch around it, leaving a small gap and then turn inside the other way. Like a pillow case.

I marked a small flower in the centre of the hexagons and then using my new love - Aurifil, I stitched around the design. In the outside ring of half hexagons I free motion quilted a feather using the seam as a spine. I found on the first ring that when I completed the ring the last feather plume can look a little awkward where it joins with the first one.  I have had this problem before when quilting feathers on borders of quilts.  This time I found though that if I started with a half plume (think half heart shape) that when I complete the ring it was easier to make a smooth connection.  
I am linking up with Gemma again (see her I-quilt-linky party button on side bar). Take care and try and do a little bit of what you love each day. 



22/11/2013 5:13am

Your quilting is lovely!

23/11/2013 2:59pm

thank you for looking at my blog and your kind comments. Quilting is my favourite bit

22/11/2013 5:24am

How pretty! Love the quilting, it looks very pretty on the hexagons and fabrics.

23/11/2013 3:01pm

Thanks Renee,

I am late to jump on the hexie wagon but am completely smitten. Such a traditional shape yet modern looking. Thanks for stopping by.

22/11/2013 9:25am

It's so beautiful...I am inept at quilting...very much a beginner...but love seeing the creativity in the link up!

23/11/2013 3:03pm

Thanks Anita

I am enjoying the link up to. I love looking at other people's projects, it is so inspiring. We all were beginners once. Enjoy the quilting journey, it is fun.

22/11/2013 1:13pm

Love, love, love your table topper and your quilting is just gorgeous. So inspiring.

23/11/2013 3:05pm

Awww, thanks Sue

It was so fun to make and the shape of it was just begging for some fun quilting,
My Father-in-law follows my blog and likes it too. It will be in the post to him soon.

23/11/2013 4:15am

This is just stunning! I love the pretty fabrics, the design and your beautiful quilting too!

23/11/2013 3:08pm

Thanks Deb

I can't remember what the fabric is. Something by Moda as they were left over 'turn overs' triangles (not sure if they make them anymore). Thanks for your kind words. I do love to quilt

27/11/2013 11:45pm

Wow! This is beautiful Jo! I am constantly impressed by your quilting! Just beautiful <3 thanks for linking up xx

28/11/2013 1:37pm

Ditto Gemma

I am amazed at your work and how much you do!

27/12/2013 4:36am

Lovely hexi project, lovely fabric choices and super quilting. I love it.


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