I have really been enjoying linking up to Gemma from Pretty Bobbins weekly I-Quilt Linky party. It has helped me get out a blogging rut. I have gone from once a month to once a week and soon hopefully even more frequently. I have enjoyed very much looking at other peoples quilting and reading all the hints and tips especially those that come from Gemma. I am delighted that a few weeks ago Gemma featured my post (and pictures of my cushions) on her blog.

I have been following Gemma on Instagram and really love her work. It is funny the week she wrote about stippling I had thought about doing a post on stippling. Then this week I thought I'd write about how I have grown as a quilter. Lo and behold Gemma's post is about growth! (great minds....)
I'd though I'd share some pictures of my FMQ practice pieces. Some are very cringe worthy but I don't mind sharing. We all have to start somewhere and I am so glad I discovered my love of quilting. I honestly love it and find myself wanting to volunteer to quilt other people's quilts. 

At first I used slubby old thread from my dressmaking stash and nasty unbleached calico to practice on. Then I read you should use the best materials available to practice with. It made sense - why learn to stitch with thread I'd never use on a quilt top. So here are some pictures of some of my practice pieces. Enjoy the uneven stitches and lots of very jagged curves. I have included some more recent pictures so hopefully you can the see improvement. 

The following is the same motif done 3 years apart. I know which one 1 prefer. 
I now tend to mark my quilts a lot less, especially for more modern quilts. I also don't so as many practice pieces and just start stitching straight on to a quilt top. Being prepared to rip out the stitches if necessary, unfortunately this is more often than I'd like to admit. I also have made some of my better practice pieces into something useful, like the mini quilt following which I use as a dust cover for my machine. 
Take care and try to do a little of what you love each day



13/11/2013 11:06pm

I'm so glad that you're enjoying linking up! Your quilting is beautiful Jo! Thanks so much for sharing your practise pieces and showing old and new side by side. I think too many people worry about doing perfect quilting from the beginning but what is much more satisfying is seeing how far we improve when we just get on and enjoy the process!! :) That last piece is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see your quilting in real life! Thanks for linking up xx

14/11/2013 11:40pm

Thanks Gemma

I can't wait to see your work in person too. Coffee/wine when you get to Canberra?

29/11/2013 9:08am

Thanks so much Jo for sharing this - this was exactly the kind of prompt I needed to get my arse out of my comfort zone and try something that scares me. Thank you!

I've just spent the last 20 minutes or more FMQ'ing on my domestic and I love it. I need a lot of work, but it's not the crazy hard thing I had it out to be in my head.

Thanks Jo for being you - open, sharing, inspiring, encouraging and just plain awesome.

10/12/2013 8:34pm

This quilting is amazing, I wish I had your determination very inspiring!

05/09/2015 6:46am

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