It is only a quick post this week as it has been one of those weeks. Sick child, new puppies and husband away for work. No point complaining as I still managed to sew a little. Recently I got the new hunters star die by AccuQuilt and just had to try it out. I love it and can see a quilt using this pattern in my future. It was so fast and went together perfectly. Months (possibly years) ago I made a Dora the explorer quilt for the cute daughter of a friend. I kept meaning to give it to her but wanted to make something for her brother as well. As soon I found this robot fabric in my stash I knew this would be it. 
The red solid fabric and the black and white chevron fabric seemed just perfect together. I quilted it using a pattern of interlocking squares. I have done this pattern before and love the texture it gives. It went well with the robot fabric as it looked a little like a circuit board. I quilted this using my walking foot, pivoting with the needle down and turning 90 degrees. I would not quilt a bigger quilt using a walking foot as it would be too hard to turn the quilt so often. I have done this pattern using a free motion foot successfully, though it was a little harder to get right angles and straight lines. I used my new love 50 wt Aurifil in silver. Love, LOVE this thread. To make it a little more special I applique Kyle's name on the back. I have heard from the children's parents that they like the gifts which makes me very happy. Incidentally printed panels (like Dora above) make great free motion practice pieces.
Hope you are all having a good week and finding time to do a little bit of 
sewing or whatever it is you love to do. 

Take care 


29/11/2013 12:37am

We have very similar scenario in our house this week :-) Plus I like this kind of quilting as well. Pretty.

30/11/2013 11:13pm

Thanks Vera

Sorry to hear it has been a tough week in your house too. It happens unfortunately. Let's hope for a better one next week. Thanks for your kind comments

29/11/2013 1:28am

Love this Jo. I'm a sucker for a red, white and black combo and this is fabulous.

I'm glad you're loving the Aurifil. I love it too, but I have a big stash of gutterman that I need to go through before I order more of the nice thread. (At least that's what I'm telling myself!)

Love your work!

30/11/2013 11:16pm

Thanks Ange
Aurifil is awesome. For 100% cotton it has the loveliest sheen. Thanks for being my supplier! Can you get it in really big cones? Just wondering if it saves money to get it in bulk. It doesn't take long when doing lots of piecing or quilting to go through a reel of thread.

29/11/2013 6:00am

I love the interlocking squares and want to try it someday soon. You did a great job.

30/11/2013 11:18pm

Thanks Cathy

It isn't too hard to do this design. On a small project using a walking foot is a good start. Thanks for your kind words. Hope you try it soon

02/12/2013 10:47pm

Cute cushion Jo! I love that geometric quilting pattern :) I hope you're having a better week this week! Thanks for linking up :)

04/12/2013 12:35am

Thanks Gemma

27/12/2014 5:32am

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