Wow! Where did 2013 go? Did anyone else think the year just flew past? One year ago I started this blog. I have really enjoyed sharing my quilting adventures with anyone kind enough to drop by. I set my self a challenge of a quilt a month and I am happy to say all the tops are finished. I am yet to quilt some of them and am well behind in blogging about them. I will catch up on blogging over the next few weeks and hopefully will have pictures of fully completed, quilted and bound quilts to share. I do have pictures of a few projects to share though. 
2013 was my oldest son's first year at school and it was the best possible start to his education. The reason he had such a brilliant year was down to the care and efforts of his wonderful teacher. As a token of how much we appreciated her efforts I made her a table runner. I had so many idea and really struggled with what to make. I happened by chance to spy a charm square pack at my local quilt shop and that was it. I knew what I wanted to make. 
At the beginning of the year, Mrs Dunn gave all parents a lovely poem about how she would care for our babies and attached to the letter was a little butterfly. At the same quilt shop I happened to spy a butterfly stencil and knew I needed that too. I quilted this simply the straight lines except for the butterflies. I hope you can see them in the photo. 
The picture above is a quilt I quilted for the lovely Angie of GnomeAngel. It is a gorgeous quilt. I was so anxious about quilting for someone else, although it is a direction I want to go in. I still have great doubts about whether what I did is good enough but it was honestly the best I could do. I quilt on a home domestic sewing machine and I like doing it that way. The problem is that big patterns like these circles are hard to keep smooth as I have to pause and re-position my hands often. In hind sight I should have done a smaller pattern so it would be smoother and less 'organic'. I probably also should have done something I had done before and knew I could do well. Saying that, I think the quilting looks like I imagined it would and I will use this pattern on one of my quilts in the near future, possibly my 'Scrappy Trip-A-Long'.  I was aiming for the circular rippling pattern that rain drops make in a puddle - circles to contrast with all the squares. 

Welcome 2014!  May you bring lots of sewing!



02/01/2014 9:52pm

I love the table runner, and I think the ripple effect on the quilt is absolutely perfect! It made me determined to practise my machine quilting... Happy blogiversary, you started your blog on the same day as I did!

03/01/2014 8:48pm

Thank you Sandra

Very kind of you to visit. Happy Blogiversary to you too. I had a look at your blog, you do gorgeous work. Lovely hand sewing - it is one of my goals in 2014 to learn to hand quilt and maybe some sashiko, so I will check your site out again for inspiration


I would like to order one of your works! I need a king size bedspread! My countryhouse needs something like your works to look perfect!


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