Well it isn't really a fail. I just haven't managed to finish it for the final link up.  It is however a hugely significant piece to me. Thanks to Jen Kingwell's beautiful pattern - I have discovered hand sewing! And I LOVE IT!
I had attempted hand sewing before but gave up as it was slow and didn't look as good as my machine work. As I had joined up with a quilt-a-long and I had the encouragement of the wonderful community on Instagram I  pushed on. The result was once I got over the awkwardness I first felt, I began to see the benefit of having something small and portable. It is more social. I can sew while my kids play in the paddling pool. I can sew while my hubby watches his shows in the evening.  I can sew while popping over to my sister's for a cuppa and now that school is back I have something to do while I sit in the car queue outside the school. 
I love hand sewing so much that I have started another hand sewing project. This is also by Jen Kingwell and is call 'Green Tea and Sweet Beans'. I am debating whether or not to do it entirely by hand as opposed to MATO where I only did the applique by hand. It is a huge revelation for me - I am a born again quilter! Ha ha.  
Take care and try and do a little of what you love each day. 


PS where did January go? 


04/02/2014 1:39am

It appears that you and I are at the very same stage in our MATO progress. I really love what you've done and the fabrics you've chosen. It's going to be stunning when it's finished!

07/02/2014 8:39pm

Thank you.

I have loved this quilt and after all the link ups feel motivated to try and finish it soon.

I loved yours. Your background fabric is such a great choice. Look fwd to seeing yours finished too.

04/02/2014 12:07pm

It is most definitely not a fail Jo! I love handstitching too now - and I'm really tempted to make GTSB at some stage. Yours is off to a beautiful start!

07/02/2014 8:41pm

Thanks Jess

It has been a lovely journey and opened a whole new craft avenue for me. I am thinking about a whole lot of hand stitching crafts now - cross stitch, embroidery etc.

Thanks for the journey

05/02/2014 3:54am

Love the orange and blue! I sewed my quilts all by hand untill recently and there's nothing better than sit in a corner of the couch, pile of cut fabricpieces at hand and just sew them together:)
Took a look around on your blog and oh my, what a terrific quilter you are!

07/02/2014 8:48pm

Awww thanks,

Thank you for having a look around and your kind comments. I am so glad I now enjoy hand work as it is so relaxing and social. I love you MATO and your pin cushions.

So grateful for how much joy hobbies bring and how nice the crafting community is.

05/02/2014 1:11pm

Jo your MATO is a mix of delicious colours and I have to say I love the colours you have chosen for Green Tea and Sweet Beans - love the title!

07/02/2014 8:53pm

Thanks Maureen

I loved your MATO and your fractured quilt. (congrats on winning too) I have had the GTSB fabric for ages and have been waiting for just the right project. It will probably take me most of the year.

21/07/2014 10:53pm

Love your sweet tea green bean quilt. I'm a Jen Kingwell fan too!! Started to follow you on instagram. Anne, Oslo, Norway :-)

22/07/2014 5:20pm

Thanks so much. I am going away soon and will be taking this project with me. Hope to have some progress to share soon.

What is you IG name so I can follow you back?


I must say that like all these works of art! I think you have to make more such things

14/06/2015 11:51pm

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01/08/2015 10:51am

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